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Students to serve military after graduation honored

Photo: Army recruit Fabian Allen shakes hands as he is recognize on the square in Ocala, Florida on Tues June 2, 2015. The city of […]

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Palm Beach County Students Saluted for Enlisting in the Military

“The decision to join the U.S. military is one that usually goes unheralded. “Only one percent of this nation serves in the military, says retired […]

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Military Recruits Honored in Tallahassee

“More than 60 teens raised their right hand in Tallahassee this morning and promised to protect and defend the United States. The military-bound high school seniors […]

Broward County High School Students Honored for Enlisting

“Twenty-eight high school graduates were honored in Margate Thursday for their commitment to defend American freedom. Having enlisted in the Army’s Delayed Entry Program, some […]


OCS recognition events are uplifting, inspiring and a great way to bring your community together by recognizing our young men and women enlisting into our Armed Forces.Want to help plan an OCS event? Make a phone call to a potential sponsor? Act as a liaison with a service branch career recruiter? From banquets to auditorium events, we have something that will fit your interests and let you join in the spirit of camaraderie. We appreciate your desire to help, as all of our local OCS chapters are made up of volunteers just like you.Individual, groups, organizations and businesses alike can demonstrate their commitment by volunteering to help with a local OCS chapter.Please contact your local chapter to learn about volunteer opportunities. Begin here to find a local chapter.
To find a local OCS Community, visit our Communities page and search by state for a community in your area. Once you find a community, call or email the primary contact provided for that local community and let them know that your interested in volunteering to help. Community chapter organizers are eager to talk to people interested in supporting their local OCS Community.
Your unique talents will make a real difference in volunteering, and you can choose from volunteer positions that match your interests and offer flexible scheduling. Join us and discover how rewarding it is to be an OCS Community volunteer.Volunteer activities at local OCS Community chapters can include:

  • Finding sponsors for the event
  • Working with local recruiters
  • Event planning and setup
  • Working with high school seniors, parents and guidance counselors
  • Help with promoting the event through blogging, social networking and outreach
While most OCS events are open to all members of the community, attendance at some events are by invitation only due to limited venue size or service type, for example, attendance at an auditorium-held event or small banquet hall. To attend an OCS activity or event, please contact your local OCS Community.To contact a local OCS Community leader, visit our Communities page and search by state for a community in your area. Once you find a community, call or email the primary contact provided for that local community.
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