OCS Constitution Pocket Guide


This spring, Our Community Salutes will honor more than 3,500 military-bound high school graduates in our OCS Enlistment Recognition Ceremonies and gift to them a pocket guide of the U.S. Constitution.


Thanking High School Enlistees


This spring, more than 3,500 military-bound high school graduates will be recognized in 30 OCS Communities across 17 states in the United States: from Boston, Massachusetts to Los Angeles, California; from to Palm Beach, Florida to Portland, Oregon; and in OCS Communities in Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

OCS will be providing our new servicemembers with the gift of the U.S. Constitution in the form of a 96-page pocket guide they can carry with them wherever they go in service.

These young patriots will voluntarily take an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States and the wisdom of its underlying principles. OCS is proud to present these guides to our military-bound high school graduates to give them a deeper understanding of the US Constitution they will support and defend.

The documents and U.S. Constitution contained in the OCS pocket guide are the blueprints for the freedoms we enjoy in the United States – freedoms that would not be possible without the commitment of young enlistees to serve our nation.

our community salutes ocs constitution pocket guide
OCS Constitution Pocket Guide

Special Recognition of OCS Communities

our community salutes Hershel “Woody” Williams World War II Medal of Honor Recipient.

“The OCS US Constitution pocket guide puts the document right in their hands, creating a meaningful connection to it and an understanding of why it’s worth defending.”

Hershel “Woody” Williams

World War II Medal of Honor Recipient

Want to Support OCS and Our Pocket Guides?

A $5 donation will gift one OCS US Constitution Pocket Guide to a high school enlistee.

Since 2009, Our Community Salutes has been conducting High School Enlistee Recognition Ceremonies across the country to honor the 1-percent of high school seniors (and their parents) who make the selfless decision to serve our country after graduation, so their classmates have the freedom and privilege to pursue their dreams, including attending college.

Each $5.00 donation will enable us to give our new Our Community Salutes pocket-guide to the U.S. Constitution to one military-bound high school senior we’ll honor across the country this spring.

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