On May 21rst at 1:00 pm. Rear Admiral David J. Gale – Program Executive Officer, Ships gave the Oath of Enlistment at General Clinton Park, Bainbridge.

Our Community Salutes of Central New York (OCSCNY) hosts an annual Recognition Event for graduates who answer the call to serve in the United States Armed Forces. OCSCNY covers 71 school districts in 6 counties (Chenango, Delaware, Herkimer, Oneida, Otsego & Schoharie) covering 7,000 square miles.

This year, 2016, OCSCNY recognized 120 enlistees. The ceremony was presided over by Rear Admiral Gale (Keynote Speaker), Capt. Carolyn Hurtado- Marines ( Master of Ceremonies), Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney, Bainbridge Mayor Philip Wade, Lt. Col Paul Russo (Soloist), Lt. Commander Jonathan Costolo, Rae Ann Clark, and Joan Kuhn Terry (OCSCNY, President)

OCSCNY President, Joan Kuhn Terry, summarizes the importance of bringing family, school, community and business together to witness and recognize these young men and women.

“This unique event creates an emotional and patriotic bond that remains etched in the hearts of all those who participate or attend. Family members of the enlistees are reassured as they witness their sons and daughters welcomed by active service men/women. Veterans are given the opportunity to witness the future!

The OCSCNY Recognition Event owns it all; the past, the present and the future.”

OCSCNY facilitates this event with local sponsorship from all six (6) counties which includes local businesses, local community organizations, & many veterans groups. OCSCNY reaches out to the communities of the youth who have answered the call to serve. OCSCNY’s response: “You answered the call to serve…we commit to support”.

OCSCNY thanks everyone; enlistees, their families, their schools, their mentors, and all other supporters of OCSCNY.

Special Thanks to Bainbridge American Legion Slater-Silvernail Post 806 (Randall Lambrecht- 1st Vice Commander, Lew Whitney- 2nd Vice commander, Paul Niles, Richard Rusakiewicz – Treasurer, Raymond Darling, Roger Barnhart – Adjunct, Jennifer Lambrecht- Friends of the Legion); and Bainbridge Town Highway Superintendent Gary Richman your generosity was greatly appreciated!

Knowing you are supported from home really does make a difference.