Tens of thousands of people have attended and spoken at our community enlistee recognition ceremonies including the Secretary of the Navy, members of Congress, lieutenant governors, top general officers, decorated military veterans, senior corporate leaders, local celebrities, community educators, and the friends and families of the young men and women of Our Community Salutes.

Parents and Families

“My husband and I are touched by your efforts to recognize young adults like our son. People are often surprised that he has chosen the service over college and can’t understand his calling to do both in time. We are exceptionally proud of him.”
Parent, of a Graduate and Enlistee
“I want to extend my gratitude for honoring my son and making him feel that he is appreciated. It’s been a rough road for him with his peers saying he was foolish and with teachers agreeing because of his academic potential as a national honor society student. Thank you for letting him know that there people other than his family who support his decision to serve as a United States Marine.”
Parent, of a Graduate and Enlistee

Elected Officials

U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii, speaking at the Inaugural OCS Hawaii Recognition Ceremony, May 2014.  Gabbard is also currently a Major serving in the Army National Guard.

“They are going to defend our country. They are going to take their place alongside some of the great heroes that have served before them, and they are to be thanked for that.”
Rep. Ander Crenshaw, (R-FL)
“These young men and women will join with many of their classmates in celebration of graduation. At a time when many of their peers are looking forward to pursuing vocational training or college degrees, they instead have chosen to dedicate themselves to military service in defense of our country. Thanks to the dedication of untold numbers of patriots like these forty-seven (enlistees)… here today…It is thanks to their sacrifices that the United States of America remains a beacon of hope and freedom in a fractious world.”
Former U.S. Representative Robert E. Andrews (D-NJ)

Service Representatives

“Because of OCS mobilizing businesses and members of our local communities, these young American’s have been given the recognition they deserve for deciding to serve their country. It is my firmest hope that others around the country follow.”
Representative, United States Army Recruiting Command
“Congratulations and thank you for conducting such a successful event to recognize the future of our nation’s military. Our recruits had an excellent time and were even more proud to serve after the recognition they received.”
Active Duty Branch Representative

OCS Recognition Events

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