OCS President Featured On Fox News

President of Our Community Salutes Dr. Kenneth Hartman discusses the importance of educating new service members of the U.S. Constitution. Discusses the OCS US Constitution pocket guide, which will be gifted next spring to enlistees to help them gain a deeper understanding of the document

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Jann Arroyo Morales

Esquire Magazine: The Newest Recruit

Follow the story of young recruit, Jann Arroyo Morales, as he prepares to leave his home, in Yabucoa, Puerto Rico, for the barracks of Fort Benning. Along his early journey, Jann attends an Our Community Salutes event, “shakes hands with the brass”, and accepts his

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OCS Featured in Family Magazine

Our Community Salutes has been featured in the latest issue of Family Magazine. Each month since 1958, more than 500,000 copies of Family are distributed at commissaries throughout the world and is the only magazine written exclusively for military commissary and exchange shoppers. View story here

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OCS Connect is Live

OCS Connect℠ Launches to Help New Military Service Families Plan for Higher Education and Financial Success Three major universities are partnering with Our Community Salutes to help new service members and their parents navigate higher ed and personal finance challenges and opportunities during and following

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2019 OCS Events Announced

On Saturday April 27, the very first 2019 OCS event was held in Boston, Massachusetts. For a comprehensive list of events around the country, visit the events section of this website.

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