About Our Communities

Since Our Community Salutes was founded in 2009 with our OCS South Jersey Community, OCS enlistee recognition ceremonies have been held by local communities in banquet halls, auditoriums and sports arenas from New York to California, with tens of thousands of people attending or speaking at OCS ceremonies, a testimony to the appreciation of the young men and women of OCS entering military service.

All local OCS recognition ceremonies are independently led, managed and financed by donations from supporting citizens and sponsorships by organizations within their respective community.

The organizing body of Our Community Salutes includes community leaders,
government officials, educators, businessmen, and veterans who feel strongly in the
importance of community support and recognition of the courageous and patriotic
young adults who will serve in the U.S. Armed Services after graduation and join the
1% of Americans who serve in uniform.

OCS Communities and Ceremonies

To register for your event or to learn more about an OCS High School Enlistee Recognition Ceremony in your community, click below.

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Start a Community

Start a Community
Looking to start an OCS recognition ceremony in your community? It begins with a commitment from a few volunteers in a given community who are willing to plan and implement an OCS graduation ceremony in their community.

People from just about every occupation imaginable are involved in leading an OCS chapter, including parents, educators, retired generals and senior non-commissioned officers, university presidents, small business owners, and other leaders with a community.

Our national office receives and approves requests from local community leaders to start an OCS chapter in their community. To be considered as an official OCS chapter, please begin here.